Appointment Symbols in your Scheduling Calendar

Your appointment scheduling calendar can sometimes be fully booked. To help you recognize different types of appointments and their details quickly and easily, Bookappo Calendar uses a system of symbols shown within the appointment slot.

Appointment Mini Icons

Appointment Message This symbol indicates that your client wrote you a Note with details, requests or any other message.
Online Booked Appointment This is the online booked appointment symbol. It will appear always when the appointment was booked online by your clients.
New Client Icon This symbol indicates a newly registered client, that hasn’t been registered  in your database yet.
No Show Icon This symbol is used for marking the appointment as ‘No-Show’ in case your client didn’t come. You can do it by clicking on the appointment and selecting ‘Apply no-show’.

Appointment No Show Button

NOTE: Symbols can appear individually, depending on the appointment or client details and form of booking.


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