Customizable Booking Form

One of the most important features of any online scheduling software is customizability. In order to provide even better services, Bookappo introduces new, better and improved online scheduling for your clients.
With the use of new booking form and interface, booking appointments becomes much easier. You can now create it yourself, exactly for the needs of your business and clients.
The possibility of creating a custom form gives an advantage to you as well. You can now use it not only to collect necessary details about your clients, but also to receive feedback from them or allow them to use promotional codes if you use daily deals websites such as Groupon or Living Social. By doing that, you can easily improve your services and marketing.
In the following part, we will take a look on options you have when creating and customizing your appointment booking form.

The customization can be divided into three parts:

1. Contact
In this section you can choose preferred form of communication with your client. Either by email or telephone, both email and telephone or by telephone or email only.

Scheduling contact options

2. Details
It wouldn’t be a good custom form if you didn’t have a chance to create your own questions you want clients to answer or details you want them to fill in. By clicking on ‘Add field’ you get the chance to create a new field.

Creating new fieldField types
There are three types of fields available for you – text, check-box and multiple check-box. There is a number of choices and options already pre-set for you; such as ‘address’ or ‘notes’. Ticking in the ‘Required’ box ¬†will make that field obligatory for your clients to fill in.

Field list

NOTE: You can edit or rename both pre-set and your custom fields to fit exactly your needs. Also, you can move fields in your form by clicking on ‘Move Up’ or ‘Move Down’ buttons to customize the order in which the fields appear in form on your mini-website.

3. Message
Last but not least part is the Message. This field has a form of a text editor. It allows you to write a message to your clients. This will appear before they finalize the appointment scheduling. You can use it for giving your clients any last information, such as where to park, or if they should come few minutes in advance.

Client message