How to Customize Appointment Booking for your Business?

Bookappo introduced a new booking form for bigger convenience of you and your clients. It is now fully customizable and ready for use in many business fields. It was an understandable move on our part, as we know how crucial the information and details you get from your clients can be for you. Custom booking form however, enables you to kill more than two birds with one stone. Here is how.

The problem that a lot of businesses seems to be having is on one hand hard to deal with, but on the other easy to find a solution to. Many businesses or companies are taking advantage of many second party products. As of late, it has been for instance the ‘product’ in form of daily deals websites. Using these has a downside though. Dealing with daily deals websites and quite possibly every new product, software etc. your business uses, means dealing with more paperwork, phone calls or perhaps hiring a new staff, which costs time and money.
If we take daily deals as an example, the problem here is handling with hundreds of promotional codes, that your clients are giving you in order to get their discount. You need to write them down, find out, if they are genuine and so on, and all of that maybe during an appointment, when you should be rather focusing on your client. The easy solution you may be looking for is the aforementioned custom booking form. It allows you to add exactly the fields you need, including special fields for promotional codes, which will appear in your calendar right after your client confirms the appointment. This will give you enough time to prepare all the paperwork or discounts beforehand.
Promotional code fieldAnother possible example is for instance for the owners of car services where specific details are required. Details such as giving the name of the car manufacturer, type and an exact description of the problem the client is having with it. Information which is vital for technicians in case there is a spare part missing and needs to be ordered.
Text fieldsBy adding a multiple choice field, you can allow your clients to choose from your predetermined options. In case of car services it can be for example a type of engine.
Multiple choice rosterAlthough we gave specific examples in this article, it does not mean this custom booking form is aimed only on particular businesses. It is the exact opposite. The possibility of creating a custom fields is without any boundaries and it is completely up to you how you decide to customize your booking form.

Instead of making you deal with all the work individually, Bookappo tries to make it easier for you and merges some of the most crucial aspects of business managing together into few features that are fully automatized and work in real-time.

Appointment Scheduling – Add Services and Categories

Adding a new service to your business’s online appointment scheduling account is easy. Bookappo enables you to create many categories and simply move services between them by using Drag & Drop feature. Your mini-website will be immediately updated and your clients will be instantly able to schedule an appointment with the staff member who is assigned to that particular service.
The following video shows you how to create new category and service in a few simple steps.

NOTE: If you want to learn how to assign your staff to your new service, watch the Adding Staff Members video tutorial.

Online Appointment Booking and Appointment Approval

For the online appointment booking for your clients, Bookappo uses a feature called mini-website. You must complete the setup of your account to enable online booking. Your clients will be redirected to your custom mini-website, when they click on the BookNow button. Mini-website updates every time you modify your working hours, online booking time slot intervals or create apersonal time slot. When your client fills in all necessary details of the appointment, you will be notified by email.  In case you have enabled manual appointment approval, you can see all details in overview screen and accept or deny this online booked appointment.
The following video explains the process of Appointment Booking and Appointment Approval.