Appointment Scheduling via Facebook

Facebook is a big part of marketing of almost all businesses. It enables them to interact with clients, share news about their product and further promote it. With Bookappo’s latest feature, it also becomes an efficient appointment booking tool. A variation of BookNow button is now available for you to add to your Facebook business page. It allows your clients to book appointments conveniently without having to leave the website.

Adding the button is easy and quick. Read the following section and learn how to do it.

1. Log in to your Bookappo account and go to ‘MARKETING’. Here, select ‘Add BookNow Button to your webpage’.

Facebook Button OptionFacebook Page Redirect

2. Read the instructions carefully. After you finish reading, click on ‘Add Bookappo to Your Page’.

Adding BookNow Button
NOTE: If you wish to create your Facebook business page first, click on ‘Create one now’.

3. Next, select a Facebook business page where you want to place the button.

Select Business Page
NOTE: BookNow button is not available for personal pages.

4. Next, you need to write the email you are using to log into your Bookappo account. This will connect your Facebook BookNow button with your Bookappo account.

Email Field Confirmation

 5. After clicking on ‘Confirm’ your BookNow button will be added to your page and ready to be used by your clients.

Facebook Page Button

Appointment Scheduling – Add Staff Members and Groups

Creating and assigning a new staff member to a group or service in your appointment scheduler is easy and intuitive. Groups help you to make your staff register clearly organized. Your staff members can be assigned to one or numerous services according to their schooling. You can also set if your new staff will be available for online appointment booking or not.
The following video will guide you through the whole process.

NOTE: Learn how to create a new business service in Adding New Category and Service video tutorial.

Appointment Scheduling – Add Services and Categories

Adding a new service to your business’s online appointment scheduling account is easy. Bookappo enables you to create many categories and simply move services between them by using Drag & Drop feature. Your mini-website will be immediately updated and your clients will be instantly able to schedule an appointment with the staff member who is assigned to that particular service.
The following video shows you how to create new category and service in a few simple steps.

NOTE: If you want to learn how to assign your staff to your new service, watch the Adding Staff Members video tutorial.