Appointment, Personal Event and Personal note in your Calendar.

Your calendar serves as a great scheduling software tool to easily see appointments, organize your staff and manage your business. Although showing appointments is its primary function, it allows you much more. It enables you to schedule your own events for any particular day or edit the existing ones.


A classic scheduled appointment that was either created online by a client using your mini-website or by you or your staff in the calendar. It can either be a single appointment or it can be set as a recurring one.

created appointment

Personal Event

This is created by you or a staff member in the calendar. Personal Time feature enables you or your staff member to easily schedule absences, lunch breakes or any other types of personal time. Same as the appointment, you can also set is as a recurring event.

NOTE: The mini-website of your business will update to prevent your clients from booking an appointment in time of your Personal time.

Personal calendar

Personal Note

You can also add a Personal note to your calendar. You can set it in the Personal Time menu. It will appear under the date in the calendar. It is clearly visible and can serve for example as a reminder. This feature is only for you or the staff member and does not prevent clients from booking appointments online.

Calendar note


Appointment Scheduling – Add Staff Members and Groups

Creating and assigning a new staff member to a group or service in your appointment scheduler is easy and intuitive. Groups help you to make your staff register clearly organized. Your staff members can be assigned to one or numerous services according to their schooling. You can also set if your new staff will be available for online appointment booking or not.
The following video will guide you through the whole process.

NOTE: Learn how to create a new business service in Adding New Category and Service video tutorial.

Appointment Scheduling – Add Services and Categories

Adding a new service to your business’s online appointment scheduling account is easy. Bookappo enables you to create many categories and simply move services between them by using Drag & Drop feature. Your mini-website will be immediately updated and your clients will be instantly able to schedule an appointment with the staff member who is assigned to that particular service.
The following video shows you how to create new category and service in a few simple steps.

NOTE: If you want to learn how to assign your staff to your new service, watch the Adding Staff Members video tutorial.

Personal time planning in Online Calendar.

Bookappo online scheduling software enables its users to quickly and easily plan a single or recurrent personal event in calendar to prevent their clients from booking appointments online in given times or dates. The following video will show you how to reserve a personal time slot.

If you want to move personal event or appointment to another time or date, learn how to do it in Bookappo scheduled appointment moving or copying article.

Changing individual working hours of your staff

To edit working hours of your staff member for only one or more specific days go to ‘CALENDAR’. On the left side of the screen in ‘STAFF’ menu select a group and staff member whose shift you want to edit.

Staff Members List

When you select the staff member, click on the little button in the Day/Date frame in the work week/day calendar.
TIP: If you want to edit working hours for a day in the following week or month, simply choose which one in the mini calendar.

Working Hours Button

A new menu will appear and there you can edit working hours or tick ‘Closed date’ box if your business will be closed for that day or in case your staff takes a day off. Do not forget to save all changes.

Working Hours Menu

NOTE: Edited working hours or closed dates for a particular day will also appear for your clients on the Online Booking mini-website.

TIP: In case you want to prevent your or your staff member’s clients from booking an online appointment in a particular time or date for personal reasons, reserve a Personal event slot in your calendar.