Language and Local Settings

As we are aware of the fact that our clients may be from other than English speaking countries, it didn’t take us a long time to realize the importance of making Bookappo Appointment Scheduling multilingual.

We have at least partially achieved this goal by launching the beta versions of Czech, German and Spanish language localizations which are now available for you. Also, you can now set the currency – for instance a dollar (US, Canadian, Australian, Hong Kong), Euro, Pound and others with their respective symbols as they appear in the application as well as on the appointment booking website.
Setting the date and time formats is now available too. You can choose from the AM/PM or 24h time formats and mm/dd/yyyy, dd/mm/yyyy and date formats. Again, these apply on the application as well as on your online booking website.

The following section will show you where you can customize these details and how.

There are two possibilities of setting the language, currency and time/date format.
1. First, new user will see the following tab with a number of settings during the first log in into the account.

Language Local Settings

2. Second, the already existing user can then set the language and local settings in My Profile section…

Profile Button Position

.. under Language & Local Settings.

Language Date Currency

NOTE: You can also restore the default wording of your email reminders by ticking in the box and clicking on Save.


These are some examples of the various localizations:

Marketing Features:       

Czech Appointment SettingsOnline Booking:

Czech Booking Website German
 Appointment Settings:

German Appointment RulesOnline Booking:

Booking Website German

Appointment Settings:

Spanish Appointment Rules

Online Booking:

Spanish Booking Website


NOTE: We would like to encourage you to give us your feedback. We want the localizations and other recent updates to be a great experience for you. If you have any complaints or suggestions, make sure to email us at or use our contact form







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