Appointment Scheduling Email Statistics

The number of email reminders sent every day can be big and sometimes it may be frustrating to try to have control over all of them. Bookappo is now offering a simple feature called “Statistics”. This feature enables all users to see the status of all email reminders, whether they are sent, expired, failed or waiting. Combined with other features such as one-click resend, fast reminder text editor and easy search tool, it makes for a great addition to our appointment scheduling software.

On the following lines, we will show you, how “Statistics” work and how to fully take advantage of what it offers.

1. Statistics can be accessed via clicking on the Statistics button on your main bar in Bookappo.

Statistics Button Position

2. Immediatly, you will see a list of all email reminders. You can search for particular emails by choosing for instance the date(A), writting the email address(B) or by writing the subject of the email(C) (e.g. Appointment Confirmation) or choosing the email status(D) itself.

Email Statistics Details

3. Email text editor is also included in Statistics and allows you to easily edit the chosen email and then resend it.

Email Reminder Editor





Language and Local Settings

As we are aware of the fact that our clients may be from other than English speaking countries, it didn’t take us a long time to realize the importance of making Bookappo Appointment Scheduling multilingual.

We have at least partially achieved this goal by launching the beta versions of Czech, German and Spanish language localizations which are now available for you. Also, you can now set the currency – for instance a dollar (US, Canadian, Australian, Hong Kong), Euro, Pound and others with their respective symbols as they appear in the application as well as on the appointment booking website.
Setting the date and time formats is now available too. You can choose from the AM/PM or 24h time formats and mm/dd/yyyy, dd/mm/yyyy and date formats. Again, these apply on the application as well as on your online booking website.

The following section will show you where you can customize these details and how.

There are two possibilities of setting the language, currency and time/date format.
1. First, new user will see the following tab with a number of settings during the first log in into the account.

Language Local Settings

2. Second, the already existing user can then set the language and local settings in My Profile section…

Profile Button Position

.. under Language & Local Settings.

Language Date Currency

NOTE: You can also restore the default wording of your email reminders by ticking in the box and clicking on Save.


These are some examples of the various localizations:

Marketing Features:       

Czech Appointment SettingsOnline Booking:

Czech Booking Website German
 Appointment Settings:

German Appointment RulesOnline Booking:

Booking Website German

Appointment Settings:

Spanish Appointment Rules

Online Booking:

Spanish Booking Website


NOTE: We would like to encourage you to give us your feedback. We want the localizations and other recent updates to be a great experience for you. If you have any complaints or suggestions, make sure to email us at or use our contact form







Time Increments in Calendar and Online Appointment Booking

We realize you may want to plan your day minute by minute and that appointment duration can range from 5 minutes to a whole day. In order to satisfy your and your business’s needs, we have added a useful feature that allows you to divide the working hours in your Calendar into 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 and 60 minutes increments. This enables you to fill in and plan even the smallest detail of your day.

In the “Scheduling options” in your Bookappo account, you can also find an option to set time increments on your booking website at which your clients can book appointments. You can select the same time increments as in the calendar (recommended) or choose other times ranging from 5 minutes to 8 hours. This on the other hand, allows you to be in control when your clients can book appointments and how long the appointments will be.

Learn where and how to set the time increments in the following section.

Calendar Time Increments

1. Go to your calendar and notice the arrow button in the top left corner.

Time Increments Menu

2. Click on the arrow button. A small menu with time increment options will appear. Choose which one is the most suitable for your needs. We used a 20 minute increment as an example.

Minute Increments

After clicking on your chosen option, the calendar will automatically update the newest setting. Each hour in your calendar will now be divided into three 20 minute increments as shown on the picture.

Chosen Time Increment


Online Appointment Booking Time Increments

1. To set the time increments on your appointment booking website, go to Settings -> Appointments -> Scheduling Options. Once you are there, notice the fourth option.

Online Booking Increments Settings

2. Selecting “20 mins” will divide the hours at which your clients can book appointments online into 20 minutes increments.

Twenty Minutes Option

3. Your Booking Website will show the following times: 8:00 AM, 8:20 AM, 8:40 AM, 9:00 AM etc.

Saved Booking Increments

If you have a topic suggestion or you would like us to answer your question on our blog, don’t hesitate to contact us using our special form or write an email to .


Email Appointment Reminders

Bookappo’s ongoing quest for a complete, customizable and feature-rich product continues with the introduction of Appointment Reminder customization.
This handy feature allows you to customize all email appointment reminder templates to fit your needs or delete the pre-set default templates and write and structure the whole text completely on your own.
There are many templates to choose from. You can edit appointment reminders that your client will receive, such as Appointment Confirmation, Appointment Reminder and so on. Also, you can edit reminders for your staff, for instance Pending Confirmation or Appointment Update. Same options you have in the third section – business reminders which are sent to your business email. These and many more give you a complete control of interaction between your business, clients and staff.

The whole process is similar to writing a text document. We have also added special placeholders, which will help you save time while creating or customizing your reminders.
The following section will guide you through the process..

1. Log in to your Bookappo account. Select ‘Settings’ and then ‘Appointments’. Here, select ‘Reminders’ in the small menu on the left side.

Email Reminder Menu

2. Next, select an email reminder template you want to customize. In this guide, we are using Appointment Confirmation template for your client, but the process is the same no matter which one you want to customize.

A small text editor with the default reminder template will appear. Here you can either edit it, delete it and write your own reminder or leave it if your are satisfied with how it looks.

Email Reminder Template

3. Placeholders are unique short-cuts for various details you can put into your text such as the name of your company, staff member name, address etc. You can easily recognize them as they have # sign at the beginning and the end. In the actual email, these placeholders will turn into what they represent. For instance #COMPANY_NAME# will change into the name of your business you wrote while filling in your business details

In-text Placeholders

4. If you decide to compose your own reminder, simply delete the default text and write your own. Use placeholders from the list on the top left corner menu to speed up the process.

Placeholder List

 5. Finished reminder text with placeholders can for example look like this:

Own Email Reminder

NOTE: Mind that you can also change the subject of the email and use a placeholder in its text.

6. The email your client will receive will then look like this:

Finished Reminder View





How to Customize Appointment Booking for your Business?

Bookappo introduced a new booking form for bigger convenience of you and your clients. It is now fully customizable and ready for use in many business fields. It was an understandable move on our part, as we know how crucial the information and details you get from your clients can be for you. Custom booking form however, enables you to kill more than two birds with one stone. Here is how.

The problem that a lot of businesses seems to be having is on one hand hard to deal with, but on the other easy to find a solution to. Many businesses or companies are taking advantage of many second party products. As of late, it has been for instance the ‘product’ in form of daily deals websites. Using these has a downside though. Dealing with daily deals websites and quite possibly every new product, software etc. your business uses, means dealing with more paperwork, phone calls or perhaps hiring a new staff, which costs time and money.
If we take daily deals as an example, the problem here is handling with hundreds of promotional codes, that your clients are giving you in order to get their discount. You need to write them down, find out, if they are genuine and so on, and all of that maybe during an appointment, when you should be rather focusing on your client. The easy solution you may be looking for is the aforementioned custom booking form. It allows you to add exactly the fields you need, including special fields for promotional codes, which will appear in your calendar right after your client confirms the appointment. This will give you enough time to prepare all the paperwork or discounts beforehand.
Promotional code fieldAnother possible example is for instance for the owners of car services where specific details are required. Details such as giving the name of the car manufacturer, type and an exact description of the problem the client is having with it. Information which is vital for technicians in case there is a spare part missing and needs to be ordered.
Text fieldsBy adding a multiple choice field, you can allow your clients to choose from your predetermined options. In case of car services it can be for example a type of engine.
Multiple choice rosterAlthough we gave specific examples in this article, it does not mean this custom booking form is aimed only on particular businesses. It is the exact opposite. The possibility of creating a custom fields is without any boundaries and it is completely up to you how you decide to customize your booking form.

Instead of making you deal with all the work individually, Bookappo tries to make it easier for you and merges some of the most crucial aspects of business managing together into few features that are fully automatized and work in real-time.